Posted on: October 14, 2009 8:12 am

Rush To Judgement

The recent news that Rush Limbaugh may be attempting to be a part of an ownership bid for the St. Louis Rams has caused the web forums to be bombarded with hyperbole, slander, and empty rhetoric.  Rush is a love him or hate him character, I understand that.  But really, ... if the Rams were owned by a group that included Limbaugh, and proceeded to go 12-4 next season, would none of his loud detractors allow that in spite of their political or philosophical differences, he might actually be a good franchise owner?  It's not like he would have autonomous sway over the franchise a la Jerry Jones.  He would be a minority partner.  So what?  Do we scan the biographies and political views of the minority owners of every team we root for?  What about the team's stars... do we care if they have opposing views to our own? No.  We demand an entertaining product, with an expectation of a high level of effort, and the resulting high performance.  Whether I care for Rush Limbaugh's social commentary or political slant is immaterial.  If the franchise contends and entertains, then I am a happy fan.  Loud and obnoxious fans stating they would no longer cheer for the Rams are mostly short-sighted and hypocritical.  Basically, it's like Jerry Seinfeld stated, we cheer for laundry.  Take a chill pill and relax people - I am sure your reaction has made Rush Limbaugh smile with satisfaction.  An emotional response is all he is ever really looking for, and you have given it to him in spades. 
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Posted on: October 3, 2009 11:39 am

The Apple & The Tree

My father passed away Thursday, September 24, 2009.  He lived with us, in an in-law suite, and we were pleased to have him in our house for the last 2.5 years.  My dad was a sports fan.  A huge fan of whatever sport he had the opportunioty to watch and learn.  He never missed one of his 4 sons (I am #3 of 4) soccer or basketball games, and he absolutely loved attending games involving his grandchildren - even the unbelievably boring T-Ball games where you aren't allowed to run further than one base at a time.

My dad moved to St. Catharines in the early 1950s and the local hockey team was the Junior "A" farm team for the Chicago Blackhawks.  Through the years, the influence of his 2nd wife made him a pseudo-Maple Leafs fan, but the link to Booby and Dennis Hull, Stan Makita and the Blackhawks stayed strong.  He also would use any available summer evening to catch a local softball/fastball/baseball game.  He was a very social being, and would chat with whoever sat closeby.

I have a strong passion for sports, and it no doubt was a result of my father's love of games and competition.  I too can watch almost any sport, once I get a basic understanding of the rules.  The Toronto Blue Jays World Series wins in 92 and 93 remain a life highlight for us, as we were able to follow the Jays from birth, through the tough growing years, to contention, and finally to championships.  I find it fitting that the last time I spoke with Dad, Wednesday night last week, he was having an ice cream, watching the Jays win their third game in a row.  He got to see some Jays victories, and was spared many more Maple Leaf losses.

Most male sports fans credit their fathers for the introduction to and love for sports.  I see a lot of him in me, and certainly sports is one of the key links we shared.  Thanks Dad... and I'll raise a toast should the Blackhawks or Maple Leafs win Stanley's mug during my lifetime.
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Posted on: December 23, 2008 4:50 pm
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Teixeira Signing Sews Up World Series For Yankees

So, judging by all the chatter between Sox fans and Yankees fans, this was a HUGE signing.  We have been through this before though.  Each time either Boston or New York (Mets or Yankees for that matter) signs the big free agent catch of the day, a Dynasty is deemed to be inevitable by the fans of the team making the signing, while the other teams fans cut the player to shreds... usually wishing they would have signed him.  Then, in the end, the Tampa Bay Rays make it through to the World Series, and the Mets, Yankees and Mets get to watch on TV.  Hilarious.  The Yanks have filled their roster with all stars to open the new Yankee Stadium.  We all knew that this was coming.  With Tex joining A Rod, Jeter, CC, AJ, and the rest of the Untouchables, do they really vault to first in the AL East?  What about the AL overall?  Do the Red Sox have an answer?  The big free agent still out there is Manny... what about it Boston?  Bring Man Ram to the Yankees, and watch the blogs burst baby!
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